Anki Universal is a completely free flashcard app (no forced ads, paid models, etc.) that will help you memorize whatever you want with minimal efforts. You can add text, image, audio, and video to your cards and sync between your Windows 10 devices through OneDrive. Starting from July 2017, you can sync your progress across all versions on iOS, Android, Mac, and Linux by using the free sync service of AnkiWeb. The Anki OVERDRIVE Website. Whether you’re looking for weapon information on each vehicle or you want to design a new layout the Anki OVERDRIVE website will have it all. It has a section dedicated that describes all the weapons and strengths for each car and truck. Plus there is a track builder that lets you pick and choose from Anki’s favorite layouts or build one of your own from scratch.

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IndustryRobotics and artificial intelligence
FounderBoris Sofman, Mark Palatucci, and Hanns Tappeiner
DefunctMay 2019; 2 years ago[1]
Anki Overdrive
Anki Drive
WebsiteAnki ( Anki Customer Care

Anki was a robotics and artificial intelligence startup[2] that put robotics technology in products for children. Anki programmed physical objects to be intelligent and adaptable in the physical world,[3][4] and aimed to solve the problems of positioning, reasoning, and execution in artificial intelligence and robotics.

The company debuted Anki Drive during the 2013 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference keynote.[5]

The company received $50 million in Series A and Series Bventure funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Index Ventures, and Two Sigma.[2] In September 2014, Anki announced that it has raised another $55 million in Series C venture funding led by JP Morgan. In June 2016, the company announced its latest round of funding, which amounted to $52.5M, also led by JP Morgan.[6] Total funding to date is $182.5 million. Marc Andreessen and Danny Rimer serve on the company's board, in addition to the three co-founders.[2]

It went bankrupt in April 2019 and shut down the following month.[1][7]

In December 2019, Anki assets, including OVERDRIVE, Cozmo, and Vector, were acquired by Digital Dream Labs.[8]


Anki was founded by Boris Sofman, Mark Palatucci, and Hanns Tappeiner, founded officially in 2010 and was headquartered in San Francisco.[5] It also had locations in Europe.


Anki Drive and Anki OVERDRIVE[edit]

Anki's first product, Anki Drive, was released in Apple stores in the U.S. and Canada, on and starting October 23, 2013. It retailed for $149.99, with additional cars available for $49.99 and Expansion Tracks for $69.99[9]Anki Drive is a racing game that combined an iOS app, called 'Anki Drive,' with physical race cars. Each car is equipped with optical sensors, wireless chips, motors, and artificial intelligence software. Anki OVERDRIVE, an upgraded version of Drive with different cars and modular tracks, was released in September 2015.


In October 2016, Anki launched Cozmo in the US. Cozmo is a robot about 4 inches by 3 by 2 inches. It is mostly white, with red details, and gray on the end of its robot arm. There is a light on top of its body, with a grey border, which can shine different colors. A 'collector's edition' Cozmo was released in 2017, with a 'Liquid Metal' smoked grey chrome finish.[10] A 'limited edition' Cozmo, with an 'Interstellar Blue' blue, white, and grey finish, was released in 2018.[10]

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

Cozmo comes with three illuminated cubes it communicates with in order to play games and can autonomously move, lift and roll the cubes, and the cubes are powered by LR1, N, AM5, E90, batteries for power.


In August 2018, Anki launched Vector. It was designed to be more helpful, instead of being purely a toy. It is approximately the same size as Cozmo, and its design and shape are essentially the same, except Vector are mostly black with gray details and a gold border around its light on top, which shines green by default, blue when waiting for a voice command, red when muted, white when thinking, and slowly flashing orange when experiencing Wi-Fi connection difficulties. Vector uses 4 beaming microphone array to find out exactly where you are, and A gold touchpad where he can be petted. Vector has facial recognition technology and can respond to voice commands. It is cloud-connected and will update automatically. Its first major update came out on December 17, 2018, which allowed Vector to connect to Amazon Alexa.


Anki Overdrive Website
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Anki overdrive website reviews

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Loads of fun with the Anki OVERDRIVE battling race car kit!

Whether playing against the OVERDRIVE system or with friends and family, OVERDRIVE is full of excitement and will get everyone’s adrenaline pumping!

Vector Robot Anki Website

From Anki “Anki OVERDRIVE is the world’s most intelligent battle racing system. Each Supercar is a self-aware robot, driven by powerful AI, and equipped with their own unique personalities and capabilities from flamethrowers to siren attacks, defense shields to battering rams.”

You vs Machine vs Friends vs Family

My first experience with OVERDRIVE was me vs machine. After deciding on a layout I quickly began racing again the Overdrive system and was immediately impressed at the intelligence that is built into it. To prepare for my first race the cars autonomously scanned the track layout and lined up at the starting line. The countdown began and off we went! All the normal stuff was there. I could accelerate, brake and steer but wait, what’s this… I have weapons! Yes I was able shoot at my opponents and they were able to shoot at me! With each direct shot I was able to disable my opponents vehicle and pass them and they could do the same to me. This really makes the game a lot more challenging and fun. Later I introduced OVERDRIVE to both my friends and family and the fun ensued.

Choose Your Vehicle Wisely

Each OVERDRIVE vehicle have different strengths and weapons. Anki sent me the OVERDRIVE system for review but I liked it so much I bought two more cars, a truck and more tracks. At first my favorite car was the Skull and I moved around from car to car but kept avoiding the truck I bought. I thought the truck would be fun but slow… I was wrong! My friend’s 6 year old daughter picked the truck (X52 ICE) and started passing me up and knocked me off the track. She was unstoppable! Why is this truck so powerful? After getting beat over and over I checked out the truck on the Anki website and found out it has RAGE MODE!!! Once it gets to Rage Mode look out! For more information on each car visit the Anki OVERDRIVE website.

The Anki OVERDRIVE Website

Whether you’re looking for weapon information on each vehicle or you want to design a new layout the Anki OVERDRIVE website will have it all. It has a section dedicated that describes all the weapons and strengths for each car and truck. Plus there is a track builder that lets you pick and choose from Anki’s favorite layouts or build one of your own from scratch.

What You Get

I was sent the Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit. Everything you need to have fun is included in the starter kit but as you’ll see below I bought more to add onto the kit. This wasn’t necessary but I quickly became obsessed with the game and wanted more!

  • 2 Robotic Supercars
    • I bought 2 more supercars and a truck
  • 2 risers
  • 6 curved track pieces
    • I bought 2 more packs of curved tracks
  • 1 four-car charging system
  • 4 straight track pieces
    • I bought 2 more packs of straight tracks
  • 1 tire cleaner

Anki Overdrive Website Template

Don’t Forget the App

The last thing you’ll need to get going is the Anki OVERDRIVE app. The app is available through Amazon, Apple App Store and Google Play.

Get Yours Here

Anki Overdrive App

Using my Amazon links help me to continue to bring you fun and exciting review. However, if you prefer, Anki OVERDRIVE is also available at stores like Target and online at the Anki OVERDRIVE website.

Extra Cars and Trucks

Extra Tracks and Accessories

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