People are wondering about his Real Name. Although he is famous with the name Blaustiose in the. Blaustoise went live on Twitch. Catch up on their Grand Theft Auto V VOD now.

Nathan Blau, aka Blaustoise, is an American Twitch star. Born on 15th October, Blaustoise currently resides in Los Angeles, California. He started as a User Experience Researcher at PlayStation in June 2014.

Blaustoise is famous as he streams the gameplays of Rust, Valorant, and Among Us on Twitch. He is also involved in game development, game strategist, and researcher.

How old is blaustoise

Who is Blaustoise’s Girlfriend?

Blaustoise Twitch

Blaustoise is currently in a relationship and has been dating his girlfriend Tea Chang whose Instagram handle is @evergreenily.

Blaustoise Twitch Wife

Furthermore, Tea Chang is also a gamer, developer, and UX designer. She is also quite popular as 10.5k followers on Twitter follow her.

Blaustoise’s Wiki, Age, Real Name, Height, Twitter, and Net Worth

Blaustoise, whose real name is Nathan Blau, is not verified on the wiki’s official page though he is so famous on Twitch.

Blaustoise has been active on Twitter since January 2015 and is followed by 58.5k Followers. He has tweeted 8,021 Tweets as of now.

The twitch star Blaustoise is currently 30 years old.

The exact net worth of Blaustoise is yet not disclosed. However, according to Twitch Channel Earning Calculator, Blaustoise’s total estimated media value is $14,049 as 103,858 followers follow him, and he has got a total of 1.2M views as of now. Balustoise’s average earning per video is $161. Besides, he also earns from other sources as he is a game developer, researcher, and strategist.

Leaving Riot + my next chapter


— blaustoise (@blaustoise) January 27, 2021

Quick Facts:
Birthday15 October
Age30 years old
ProfessionTwitch star
Net Worth

10 Fun Facts About Balustoise

  1. Born on 15 October 1989, Blaustoise’s age is 30 years old.
  2. Blaustoise is currently datinga gamer, developer, and UX designer, Tea Chang.
  3. The twitch streamer has not revealed any information about his family yet.
  4. He holds an American nationality and is currently residing in Los Angeles, California.
  5. Blaustoise has a good physique and looks quite tall, but his exact height is unknown.
  6. Nathan Blau, popularly known as Blaustoise, is not verified on Wikipedia yet. However, he is quite active on Instagram as @blaustoise and is followed by 6,986 followers.
  7. Looking at his recent posts, we found out that he is interested in Hockey, Calisthenics, and Wall Climbing.
  8. He is also a game developer, researcher, and plans strategies for games. But he got his popularity as a Twitch Streamer.
  9. 58.5K followers follow Blaustoise on Twitter, and he has tweeted 8,021 tweets until now.
  10. According to Top Twitch Streamer‘s official site, Blaustoise has got around 1.2M views in a month and is followed by 103,858 followers on Twitch.
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Blaustoise Twitch Streamer

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Blaustoise Twitch Age

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