We love helpful tools and recently, we learned of one tool that brings live, interactive transcriptions and captions to Google Meet.Otter.aiis a voice transcription tool that can be helpful for those who want to take notes or review parts of a virtual meeting.

Impressive-I assume it is capturing the transcribed text that is native to Google Meet One nice feature would be able to toggle whether transcription for a given call is enabled/disabled, but this is a small feature compared to the value it delivers. Fortunately, there is a new way to make sure you don’t miss anything from your video calls. Otter.ai, an automated transcription service that made waves in 2020, has a new Chrome extension that records notes in real-time during Google Meet conferences. This is similar to the feature that Otter already offers for Zoom. Real-time meetings by Google. Using your browser, share your video, desktop, and presentations with teammates and customers. Real-time meetings by Google. Using your browser, share your video, desktop, and presentations with teammates and customers.

Google Meet Transcription

Otter.ai works with Google Meet through a Chrome web browser extension. Once installed, Otter.ai can be started easily during Google Meet calls. Captions can be displayed on the screen for one attendee, or shared with all meeting attendees.


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The transcription box runs on the side of the Meet call, and can be resized to make it easy for users to engage with the meeting. the transcription can also be reviewed and annotated as the meeting is underway.


Tech Crunchrecently highlighted the uses ofOtter.aiand said the tool helps non-native English speakers who may have difficulty understanding spoken words. It can also be helpful for those who miss part of a meeting.

Google Meet Transcriptions

“And because the transcriptions can be shared after the fact, people who missed the meeting can still be looped in to catch up - an increasing need in the remote-work era of the pandemic, where home and parenting responsibilities can often distract users from their daily tasks,” stated theTech Cruncharticle.

Otter.ai offers several plans, including a free option. The free plan features recording and playback at varying speeds, real time transcription, speaker identification, keywords and word clouds, editing, folders for organization, export audio and text functions and more. Users can transcribe up to 600 minutes of audio per month. Otter.ai can also transcribe imported videos. The pay options offer more transcription time, special export functions and Zoom integration.

There is also an Otter.ai mobile app that can record conversations and in-person meetings for transcription.

Kate Huttenlocher, assistant manager of support services ine-Learning and Instructional Support, said there are other captioning services for Google Meet, but Otter.ai provides the captioning and transcript stored in the cloud.

“I could see students who need that sort of accommodation could go back and listen to the meeting again. I could see it benefiting instructors who might want to record a Google Meet session and have a transcript to provide after the fact,” said Huttenlocher.

To install Otter.ai, visit theOtter.ai websiteand sign up for an account. Download and install the mobile app or activate the Chrome extension. Then, get to know the product and teach Otter.ai any jargon or acronyms, product names or special terms so it can recognize them in conversation.

Google Meet Transcribe

For more information on Otter.ai, visit theOtter.ai website. Oakland University andeLIShave no affiliation with Otter.ai and can’t provide support for Otter.ai. We are providing this information as a resource for those who would like to try it.

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