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Gaining lakhs of followers on Twitch and other social media channels like Instagram and Youtube, the Canadian streamer InvaderVie is well known for her gorgeous and cute appearance. The streamer who is seen for streaming different games is mostly found in the ‘Just chatting’ section on Twitch, talking about her daily lives while trying to attack her viewers with her seductiveness.

However, it was not the reason InvaderVie is in the headlines over the past week. While being on a casual chat with her Twitch viewers, the stunner sparked the controversy for begging donations from her viewers. After explaining that “$20 is not a big deal” and it’s not what she was asking for, the streamer suggested for a $10 which every Twitch streamer is “expected to have”. Her rant continued as he kept asking for $5 dollar and ‘whatever in your currency”.

However, it wasn’t the thing which took the internet by storm. On top of it, InvaderVie mocks her views saying that if they don’t have at least $10, they should be working instead of watching her stream. In addition to that, she addressed them as “cheap stakes” and “immature children.”

'If you don't have $10 dollars, you probably shouldn't be watching Twitch, you should be working. It's not a ton of money,' - InvaderVie

Her statements caught fire on Twitch and other social media platforms as people slammed the streamer for benign ‘chapstakes’ and ‘immature’ herself. While some people found it ridiculous for her to just sit on a couch, casually talking and tell other people to go to work, some others went harsher saying she did nothing and didn’t deserve any single dollar.

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Twitch superstar streamer Pokimane also responded to the controversy around InvaderVie’s statements saying streamers like her should get out of the platform. Although she took to her social media an apology video saying she didn’t intend to say that, the stunning streamers still get lakhs of followers and subscribers on Twitch and other platforms.

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The best Twitch Thots are streamers on Twitch (hence the name), Facebook, YouTube, and other streaming platforms that purposely act sexual and pretend it was an accident.

For the best Twitch thots, this helps them gain fans and donations from guys we call ‘Simps’ who desperately await for more ‘accidents’ after they give their donations.

Many of the best Twitch thots will use their body for personal gain and also get fans on other paid platforms.

This top 12 list of the best Twitch thots of 2020 will not include legitimate streamers with quality on Twitch but will only feature those who on multiple occasions commit thottery and/or are known for this specifically and/or get banned for the reason of exposing themselves too much. You might also see some of the most popular Twitch thots on here. Let’s begin.

Invadervie failInvadervie hot rod

12. Bridgett

Bridgett has been banned before for ‘suggestive content’, however, it’s very likely Twitch just doesn’t like what she wears on her stream. You can often find Bridgett partially laying down in her gaming chair with high socks, shorts, and a skimpy shirt with some cleavage. Mr Beast also gave her a generous amount of money in the past.

11. Quqco

Female streamer Quqco is not per se committing thottery on a daily basis, but she has been banned specifically for the reason of exposing too much. Often times doing cosplay where it was a little too revealing for the likings of Twitch.

Quqco’s Instagram also features some revealing/spicy content despite her innocent appearance. Quqco was recently seen participating in the dating game show on Twitch with DisguisedToast and I believe she was the runner-up. You missed out here Toast, she was totally into you.

10. MizzyRose

MizzyRose was banned for doing body paint on her stream, and you guessed it, she was doing body paint in a specific area.

Body paint in general is fine but streamers like MizzyRose basically wear nothing but paint and pretend that is OK on a platform full of kids. That is some next level thottery and definitely puts MizzyRose in the list of the best Twitch Thots.

9. AriGamePlays

AriGamePlays has already been banned for suggestive content, and her Instagram alone is full of pictures of her cleavage, literally every single picture.


AriGamePlays, who was a very popular female streamer on Twitch did have over 1 million followers at the time and has since then moved on to Facebook Gaming where it’s only a matter of time until the next ban.

8. InvaderVie

Honestly, don’t bother with this thot. InvaderVie doesn’t often post explicit content but she does have a few pictures on Instagram. However, she is not on this list of the top Twitch Thots solely for this reason. InvaderVie has been a topic of discussion in the past because she would demand that unsubbed users subscribe and are cheapskates if they don’t.

I would put InvaderVie at the top of the list but we all know that Alinity takes that spot.

7. ZoieBurgher

This one is not really 2020 but still deserved a spot. The only reason ZoieBurgher is somewhat high on this list is that she is no longer relevant. However, back around 2015, she would always stream on Twitch and YouTube wearing practically nothing.

She was the best Twitch thot at the time and there is plenty of content around featuring her. We are unsure what she is doing now but the OG Queen of Thottery is probably out there somewhere getting banned for being indecent on camera.

6. Lucia_Omnomnom

Lucia_Omnomnom actually did the ultimate thing that would get you banned on Twitch. She took off her shirt and not only her shirt, but her bra too which revealed everything.

Apparently she ‘forgot’ that she was streaming and decided to take off her clothes exposing everything. For those wondering, the video is still available online.

5. Pink_Sparkles

Pink_Sparkles is a pretty popular Twitch thot with breasts too big to contain in her shirt. She is known for dating the popular World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold in the past.

Pink_Sparkles’ instagram is full of semi nude content and she even has an OF account. All of these reasons are enough for her to make it pretty high in this list.

4. STPeach

Invadervie Hot

STPeach has over 1 million followers on Twitch and has been banned before for playing dance games with minimal clothing on.

Invadervie Gif

If you visit STPeach’s Instagram, it’s clear that she likes to show off her body (which is fine), but it does add a little bit to thottery since Twitch is mainly used to gain fans for other channels where it’s OK to act in this way.

3. Amouranth

popular female streamer Amouranth is a famous example of the word Twitch Thot. Amouranth has been banned multiple times and has a strong simp army behind her.

Amouranth’s Instagram is completely filled with pictures where she exposes herself and is usually wearing next to nothing.

One can only assume that Twitch is just a side-gig at this point to get the users to her paid Patreon.

2. Momo Okimoto

Momo Okimoto was also recently featured on a Dating Game Show with the famous streamer Disguised Toast. She actually won the competition too.

Momo Okimoto often posts lewd pictures on her Instagram and also has an OF account.

For those who don’t know, OF tends to have adult content where people pay a subscription fee to view videos/pictures of the person they are subscribed to. Generally, this would automatically make Momo Okimoto a Twitch Thot as she uses Twitch to get her simps fans to pay for her other content.

1. Alinity

The article just wouldn’t be complete without Alinity at the top of the list. She is well known for being a Twitch Thot, in fact, Alinity shows up on UrbanDictionary as the very definition of Twitch Thot.

Invadervie Hot Tub

She has done many things that break the rules and has also done many bad things against others that mention her in any way.

There are tons of compilation videos of Alinity committing thottery on YouTube and there are tons of articles about her alone. She somehow manages to get away with a lot on Twitch and seems to attract a lot of controversies, specifically a feud between her and PewDiePie, exposing herself on camera, and mistreating her animals.

As you might have noticed, some famous female streamers like Pokimane were NOT on this list. That is because despite being banned, they genuinely behave like normal civilized people and don’t do ‘oopsies’ with the intention of gaining fans or money.

Invadervie Fail

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