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GPS car tracking devices are incredible tools for staying connected with your vehicle and keep an eye on its movements.

For example, you are worried about your teens driving habits or want to track your spouse’s activities every time he or she leaves the house. Or the possibility of your car being stolen constantly troubles you. These are some of the scenarios in which portable GPS tracker might be just the device you need.

There are many different types of GPS vehicle trackers available in the market. However not all trackers are designed for the same purpose. Some are for personal use like SpyTec STI_GL300 which can be used for hiking, monitoring kids, luggage, vehicles and so on. Some are to be used commercially like for fleet tracking. Selecting the one which is suitable for you can be a daunting task especially when you are not familiar with the basics.

Before jumping in and getting the most popular car tracker out the re that everybody else is buying, you need to ask yourself the question why do you need it? Your reasons could be different from Bob’s at work who just got a new tracker to monitor his elderly mother’s car. In this article I discuss the things to keep in mind while looking to buy a GPS car tracking device.

Active or Passive car tracker:

Active car tracker

GPS car trackers can broadly be divided into two categories: Active and Passive. Active GPS trackers also known as real time trackers give, as the name suggests real time location data of the vehicle it is installed in. SpyTec GL300 tracker is a good example of this. The movement of the car is monitored remotely using a computer or cell phone. It is the more commonly used and convenient option of the two. They are great if you need to track the current position of your car when it is away from you in real time. Active car trackers usually come with a subscription fee with charges similar to basic cell phone package. Unlike passive GPS car trackers, if your vehicle gets stolen you can find out its whereabouts using its real-time location finding capability. These trackers are either plugged in the car’s data port, hardwired or battery powered.

Passive GPS tracker

Passive GPS trackers are also called as GPS loggers. They are equipped with a storage medium like SD card or hard drive to store the location history of the vehicle’s movement. The biggest disadvantage of a passive tracker is that it does not give the vehicle’s location information in real time. Only when the vehicle has returned to you can you access the stored data, download it on your computer and view the path covered by the vehicle. Passive trackers are good if you do not need to maintain constant communication with the car. For example you are supposed to show the paths covered by your car to your employer. Passive trackers also do not require any monthly subscription fee and can be easily switched between vehicles. However, keep in mind that in case of vehicle theft or accident, passive system will prove to be of no use because of its inability to provide real time tracking and possibility of data loss.

Alert features

GPS car trackers come with a host of features that alert the user in case of speeding, idling, ignition on/off, entering or leaving a certain area etc. For example, if you want to be notified if your teenager is speeding you can set the tracker to alert you whenever the speed limit is crossed. In most trackers the speed limits can be set by the user. Similarly alerts can be sent to the fleet managers if their vehicles show excess idling or stray from the specified route. These alerts are possible only in active trackers though.


Spytec tracking

The best thing about batter powered devices is their portability. For tracking long journeys and high value goods, long battery life is important. Time between battery charges depends upon several factors including how often the tracker communicates with the cellular network and does location updates. The sky condition and network strength also play an important role in this regard.

Generally for 5 minute location updates a GPS tracker’s battery lasts around 7-14 days depending upon the above stated factors. Some GPS car trackers are equipped with motion sensors and are triggered only when the vehicle moves which helps to maintain longer battery backup. If you think battery powered trackers are not your thing because of constant charging hassles, you can also choose from hardwired or plug in type trackers.


Geofencing is another useful alert feature used to know when a vehicle crosses a virtual geographic boundary on a map called geofence. In simple words it is a virtual perimeter that you want your vehicle to stay within. Whenever it crosses the boundary you are alerted via a notification or text message on your phone. Geofencing can be set using the bundled software or apps that come with the trackers.

How Accurate Is Spytec Gps

Ease of use:

Look for a tracker that is fairly easy to use and simple to setup. The GPS tracking software in particular should have an easy to use user interface that anybody can get used to in a short span of time. In some trackers setting up features such as geofencing, alert systems and other customizations could confuse the user. I recommend doing a quick research online to get a rough idea on this topic.


GPS car tracking device can be installed in 3 different ways.

  1. Hardwired

This method allows the tracker to get its power from the car’s electrical system. If you are comfortable working with your cars wiring it shouldn’t be a big deal for you, otherwise I recommend hiring a professional like a car mechanic to install the car tracker for you. The advantage of hardwired trackers is they are hidden from view of the driver. So if you are tracking your spouse or a fleet manager and don’t want your drivers to know the car is equipped with a tracker this is the best choice.

Smallest realtime gps tracker
  1. Plug in

These trackers plug in the OBD II port of the car. You don’t need any professional help to install these kind of trackers. However make sure your vehicle has an OBD II port in the first place. Cars manufactured after 1996 usually have this.

  1. Battery powered:

Spytec Gps Tracker Phone Number

Battery powered GPS car trackers like GL300 do not take power from the car but have their own battery. They are usually bigger in size than plug in or hardwired units. They may be bolted in place to the car. The best thing about battery powered trackers is they can be portable and switched between vehicles.


When you are buying a GPS tracker it is very important to make sure you get good customer support and after sales service. Make sure the manufacturer provides at least one 24×7 hotline for emergency contact. Most GPS car trackers come with a warranty. Ensure that the car tracker you are buying has it. In case your tracker breaks down or develops some snag you can always send it back to the manufacturer and get it covered.


The cost and monthly subscription fees of trackers depend upon the features offered and brands. For example I have made a comparison of SpyTec GL300 plans in one of the posts on this blog. Consider making a budget of how much are willing to spend and what features your car tracker should have. Once you have zeroed in these factors you can do a quick market research to get an idea about the available options.

Spytec Sti Gl300 Real-time Gps Tracker

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