Syncthing 1.15.0 This release fixes a vulnerability where Syncthing and the relay server can crash due to malformed relay protocol messages (CVE-2021-21404); see GHSA-x462-89pf-6r5h. Moved Permanently. The document has moved here.

Syncthing is a bit similar to the closed-source Bittorrent Sync in that the more devices that are online and sending pieces of files (called “blocks”) to one another, the faster the sync works.

One of my Syncthing servers started crashing (again). It is Rapsberry Pi v2 running Arch Linux. Syncthing was 0.14.44.? I upgraded and got Still not stable.

So I downloaded the Syncthing binary from Syncthing instead of using the one that comes with Arch Linux. That seems to work better.

During trying different things I did a database reset:

This is not the first time Syncthing misbehaves on Raspberry Pi and I am beginning to question if it is so smart to store my files on a Raspberry Pi with a USB drive.

My system got probably hacked and infected by a Ransomware.
Most of the files in all shares and folders were encrypted, file-name extension of those files got extended by '.encrypt' and none of those files can be opened.
Each folder contains file README_FOR_DECRYPT.txtt (yes, with double tt!) with following information
All your data has been locked(crypted).
How to unlock(decrypt) instruction located in this TOR website: http://=long=string=.onion/order/=another=long=string
Use TOR browser for access .onion websites.
The QNAP Malware Remover is installed and active.
How comes that despite of QNAP Malware Remover is installed and active, 100s of tousands of data files got hacked?
Can anybody please provide ASAP instructions on how to remove the hack and recover my data.

Syncthing Linux

Thank you.
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