• Twitch x RIOT connections. So I have the same problem that 'I cat find out to which riot account my twitch is connected. I checked every single account of mine and neither of are connected to twitch, so maybe there is another way to contact support and they could check, course I had a VALORANT gift and I claimed it, and now after.
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Twitch Riot

There is a rumor circulating that VALORANT beta invites will be handed out through Twitch drops. We also have some leaked information that VALORANT closed beta invites will start going out at the end of the day today, April 7th.

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This information has not been confirmed by Riot Games, but we wanted to give you a guide for linking up your Twitch and Riot accounts just in case.

How To Link Riot to Twitch

Twitch Riot Games

First, click your profile icon on the top right of Twitch and go to settings. In the top tabs, navigate to “Connections” and scroll down to Riot Games and hit “Connect”.

Twitch Riot Emote

A window will pop up asking for your Riot Games login information. Enter your login information, which may not be the same as your League of Legends information. This is the information you use to login to the client.

Twitch Riot Stream

Twitch Riot

Twitch Riot Games Turkish

If the rumor turns out to be true, then after you successfully link your Twitch and Riot account, you will be eligible to receive a key drop at random intervals by watching eligible streamers.

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