New versions of vPilot or swift for FSX/P3D and xPilot or swift for X-Plane. Squawkbox, XSquawkBox and FSInn can also be used if you’re using the standalone Audio for VATSIM client. Why can’t the controller hear me/why can't I transmit? Have you selected “COM1” in your radio panel? Swift (fully integrated with Audio for VATSIM) In order to use swift with Audio for VATSIM, you will need at least a Beta version of swift.However, until further notice we recommend using alpha versions (Other Downloads).


October 15, 2019

XPilot is an intuitive and easy to use X-Plane pilot client for the VATSIM network. The pilot client is a Windows c# WinForms application that utilizes NetMQ to transport data to and from the X-Plane Plugin through the use of TCP socket communication. My Vatsim journey started a few years ago at Gatwick on stand 54. I spent probably a good hour sat there listening to ATC before finally plucking up the courage to do a “Radio check”. I remember thinking how professional and serious it sounded, and how much trouble I might be in if I got it wrong. Scared of having my account removed on day.

News in virtual air traffic circles has been fast-moving over the last few days, firstly with the release of the hugely anticipated Audio for VATSIM codec upgrade, then, from the other corner, a new flight planning tool from IVAO - and now, the earlier previewed xPilot VATSIM client entering a public beta stage.

xPilot burst onto the scene back in August, bringing competition to the already in-development Swift client, which had then received criticism for what some describe as a poorly designed user interface.

Announced on the VATSIM website earlier today, the network's leaders gave a shout-out to Justin Shannon, lead developer, for his work in designing what they label as the 'first pilot client designed exclusively for Audio for VATSIM'.

The link leads to a webpage where you can download the latest beta of the client, in addition to documentation on how to work the brand new software, which bears large resemblence to the ESP-platform's vPilot.

'The next generation of X-Plane pilot client' is still on version, though updates are expected now that a larger user base is testing the software. There's currently no way of reporting bugs to the developer, though.

You can download xPilot for yourself from the official website here.

Xpilot Vatsim Forum

Thanks to Dan. and PresentMonkey for letting us know about xPilot via the Threshold Discord server!

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Xpilot Vatsim

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XSquawkBox 2.1 is a minor feature update to implement the new radio effects as used in the standalone AFV client and xPilot/vPilot.

It also fixes the bug where the Enable Radio Effects checkbox in Audio Setup didn’t actually do anything (Radio effects were enabled always).

XSquawkBox 2.1 can be downloaded at the download page.

Update: Because I’m getting too many reports of this, do NOT run the AFV standalone client alongside XSB 2.0 or newer. You don’t need it – AFV support is fully integrated. No support or consideration will be given for issues caused by trying to run both side by side.

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